Made in Portugal - Dinnerware

Portugal is known for its beautiful ceramics and our dinnerware is an excellent example of it.
Our dinnerware is made from the finest clays and glazes from Portugal, resulting in an elegant and long lasting product. Each piece is carefully hand crafted, making each one unique. From minimalist designs to vibrant colours , our tableware is sure to add a touch of elegance to any table.

We invite you to explore our Portuguese handmade collection tableware and find the perfect set for your home.

  • Bowl of Ceramic Brown - Pack 2

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  • bowl ceramic
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    Bowl of Ceramic Cream - Pack 2

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  • Ceramic Plate Brown 20 cm - Pack 2

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  • Cream ceramic plate with brown glazed interior from the decoration brand O Cactuu.
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    Ceramic Plate Brown 25 cm - Pack 2

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  • Ceramic Plate Cream 20 cm - Pack 2

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  • Shallow ceramic plate in stoneware from the interior decoration brand O Cactuu.
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    Ceramic Plate Cream 25 cm - Pack 2

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Portuguese Handmade Dinnerware

When you think of Portugal, you can't forget to think of Portuguese ceramics. A traditional art - pottery includes porcelain, stoneware, faience, and tiles, among other materials.

Plates, bowls, mugs, cups, platters are many of the products that are meticulously created by talented artisans using time-honoured techniques that have been passed down for generations.
The result is a stunning collection of tableware that exudes elegance and sophistication. Whether you are looking for a new set of everyday dishes or something special for a special occasion, we can help produce a custom collection. Learn more here.

Benefits of using handcrafted tableware from Portugal

As well as being elegant and beautiful, our dishes are made from high quality materials. Each piece is crafted with care, ensuring that the dishes will last for many years. Another advantage of choosing dinnerware made in Portugal is that the cost of each piece is very affordable.

So when selecting a dinner service, investing in quality and a prestigious brand are decisions that pay off in the long run.

Types of handmade tableware in Portugal

When it comes to dinnerware handmade in Portugal, there are several materials that you may want to consider for your choice.

One of the most commonly used materials in Portuguese handmade dinnerware is stoneware. Stoneware is known to be durable and resistant to chipping and cracking, so it is perfect for everyday use.

Our natural stoneware plates and bowls were created to give gastronomic productions more functionality and aesthetic sense. Bring softness and delicacy to your dining table with the handcrafted plates and bowls from O Cactuu.

Porcelain is known for being delicate and fragile, but it is also very elegant and timeless. This type of material is commonly used in hotels and restaurants.

Unique Designs and Techniques

Portuguese artisans have perfected traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. The craftsmanship is clear in the unique designs and patterns, with glazes often used to add texture and colour to the pieces. The glaze has two major functions: the aesthetic component where you can choose several colours and variations, and, functionality because of the porosity of the material that otherwise would not be suitable for the storage of liquids.

But what really differentiates the Portuguese handmade dinnerware from others is the attention to detail that goes into each piece. From the hand-painted decoration to the details, Portuguese craftsmen are dedicated to producing truly unique pieces that will bring a touch of elegance to any space.

Instructions and Care for the Portuguese Handmade Dinnerware

Taking care of your dinnerware handmade in Portugal will make it last even longer. Most of the pieces can go in the dishwasher and some can even go in the microwave and oven. But like any other product, if you want to keep it looking great, hand washing is the best option.

To hand wash the handmade dishes in Portugal, we recommend using warm water and neutral detergent. Avoid using abrasive detergents or cleaning cloths to avoid scratching the surface of dinnerware.
After washing, always dry it with a soft cloth. Taking good care of your handmade dinnerware will ensure that they look as beautiful as the day you bought them!

Create your own dinnerware collection

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your own collection of handmade tableware in Portugal. The variety of options available is really impressive - from minimalist designs to classic designs, bold colours to neutral colours and countless glazes. Not to mention the shapes and sizes you can choose from. Plus, there is the added advantage of knowing that each piece is made with love by the best Portuguese artisans.

We combine the art and design of O Cactuu with the specific needs of each partner. To produce your own collection the process is very simple: send an email to with all the information you have, and from there our team will help you make your dream come true!

Handmade is made of stories.
Come create one with us.

About o cactuu

O Cactuu is a brand of interior decoration that combines the tradition and mastery of Portuguese craftsmanship with contemporary, authentic, and minimalist designs.

Through Portuguese art made by hand or within the family, we transform interior spaces into true homes. Our pieces carry with them all the affection, care, and uniqueness brought by the handmade touch.

All our designs are created with quality and durability in mind, as well as awareness regarding the preservation of the planet. “Buy better, keep forever!”

Honoring our traditions, we challenge ourselves to shape the future and take pride in creating ceramic and home textile products based on the core values of o cactuu.

We keep alive the tradition of Portuguese craftsmanship and art. All our ceramics are 100% handmade and our textiles are produced locally within the family.

We always value the quality and durability of our pieces. We want them to be part of our clients' history, always maintaining their functionality and visual aspect.

We care about the environment. So we say no to plastic and reduce our carbon footprint by using handcrafted processes that use less energy and natural resources. We use 100% recyclable packaging in all our products. We say no to plastic!

Our products are made in a limited and exclusive way in order to protect our handmade processes and maintain the quality and uniqueness of each piece.