How to decorate your dining table

Looking for tips on how to decorate your dining table?

O Cactuu has prepared some table decoration suggestions to help you make your table even more enjoyable, both for party days and for your day to day life!

How to choose colour for your tablecloth

Choose a towel shade that matches well with that of your table.

If your table is colorful, it can be a challenge to find towels with colours that complement your tone.

Therefore, a tip for not making a mistake when combining colours is to opt for neutral tones such as cotton or natural linen.

The tip goes for any surface: neutral tones or natural, undyed fabrics go well with any material, whether wood, stone, or metal.

How to choose the fabric of your tablecloth

A good tablecloth should be attractive, durable, and easy to maintain. That way, the tablecloth can be used more often without losing its original look.

In addition, it is worth looking for waterproof fabrics, especially if the table will be used for meals. They will make it convenient to clean up in case of liquid spills and also prevent stains. 

Another important tip is to prioritize natural fabrics and avoid synthetics, as they often require unsustainable manufacturing processes.

How to choose the table service

Opt for tableware that brings sophistication and good taste without leaving aside aspects such as resistance and functionality, especially when it comes to plates or bowls.

Good design will take into account both the appearance and the use and longevity of the pieces.

For decoration, choosing plates with distinctive and striking visuals can help give a special touch to the table decoration.

The colour chosen is also very important: neutral tones match any type of tablecloth or surface, but dinner services with more striking colours can also be interesting options when combined with white or pastel tones of the other elements.

How to choose decorative objectives for your table

In addition to the choice of functional items, table decoration can also count on several types of decorative pieces that will complement the look of the space and ensure an inviting environment even at times when the table is not being used for meals.

The possibilities for decoration are diverse, but it is difficult to go wrong with ceramic pieces. You can put vases and pots decorative or even bowls of different sizes for a composition at the center of the table.

With vases and pots decorative, you can place arrangements of fresh or dried flowers or branches to bring a bit of nature into your home.

How to bring an additional touch of refinement 

Although tablecloths, plates, and glasses are very important in table decoration, other elements can help bring even more refinement and delicacy to your decor.

It is often interesting to use table runners as a replacement for tablecloths, or even allied to them.

The same can be said for individual table runners, which are very practical items on tables used for meals and which also help to complement the decor.

For a more refined touch, having napkins in natural fabrics and cutlery bags will add even more sophistication to your dining table.

We hope the tips were helpful!
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